Tin Box (candy included)

Tin Box (candy included)
As low as €12.50
Boskalis Tin Box.
The product comes in a Boskalis delftware print.
The contents of the box:
- 10 Syrup waffles (typical Dutch biscuit)
- 350 gr. Liquorice (typical Dutch candy)
- 225 gr. Mints (typical Dutch mint flavoured sweets, brand Wilhelmina).

Size: Diameter 90 x 100 mm

Please note that these boxed are packed with food products that have an expiration date. In order to keep the quality of the products, we strongly advise to use/give these items as soon as possible after ordering.

This product is packed per piece.

Please note The expiry date varies between 2 to 6 months.

Syrup waffles will not be delivered during hot weather.
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