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About RBW 1910

RBW 1910 New Horizons – Clothing collection  

The RBW 1910 New Horizons Collection is a complete collection for both men and women with sporting clothes; leisure jackets, polo shirts, T-shirts, caps and from now also a body warmer and a beach towel. The focus of the previous two collections was water sports, this new RBW 1910 New Horizons Collection focuses more on leisure.
The maritime character obviously plays an important role in this collection. This is partly reflected in the colors: navy and white, but also by the use of the Boskalis nautical element and the shackle from the SMIT logo on the inside of the collar of e.g. the fleece vest. The new collection is designed in a way so that you can combine it with the items of the previous collection.

RBW 1910 – Founded by Boskalis

RBW 1910 follows the tradition of Boskalis or, to be precise, Royal Boskalis Westminster, hence RBW. Boskalis is a leading global maritime player. Boskalis is a household name, Dutch seafaring tradition at its very best. RBW 1910 takes its inspiration from the world of Boskalis. For more information please visit